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 This picture was taken on the foot of the Multnumah Falls in Portland, OR. I love the picture and thought you may too.

My name is H. Phillip Medghalchi, I have been working with wood since 1983 basically doing flat work projects and cabinets for family and friends' use. It wasn't until 2010––when I went to local Woodcraft store to pick up some tools  that I stumbled  to a local Alamo woodturners Association meeting that I found my true passion for wood turning.

I am a self taught woodturner, who bring my Middle Eastern artistic heritage into my work. I was born in a very culturally, and historically  rich  country with architectural works. As a child I was always intrigued with rich lines in architectural works , ruins, artifacts of my very old country, not knowing all along that I was registering all these beautiful shapes in my mind for future reference.  

Now  I have the fortune of incorporating some of those works into my designs. 


 I take pride in designing and creating objects from any wood that I can take to my lathe, and enjoy the challenge of working with different textures, voids, and grain patterns. 

I am fortunate to have made friends with many other woodturners through out the world, who allow me to exchange timber which is otherwise not local to me. You'll notice that some of my pieces are made from exotic woods from varying regions.

Sometimes, families must say goodbye to an old tree, as they are prone to insects, disease, or sometimes die. I try to salvage the good wood that remains, and turn it into something they can cherish. 

Occationally, you will find that I display a piece of work that is already sold. The purpose is to provide examples of my designs, forms, and use of wood. I am more than happy to recreate one of these pieces, or tailor a piece to suit your needs and tastes.

My hope is that you find something for your home, art collection, or everyday needs, and that you will enjoy it as much I took pride in creating it. Please feel contact me with questions or special projects.

Professional Affiliations, achievements:

  • Member of American Association of Woodturs

  • Vice president:  Alamo Woodturners Association, San Antonio, Texas)  June 2017-  (local chapter of American Association of Woodturners) June 2017- present

  • Librarian: Alamo Woodturners Association , San Antonio, Texas (2012-2015)

  • Member : Hill Country Turners, Kerrville, Texas

  • Retired Licensed Medical Massage Therapist  1998- 2007


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