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  • Detail: Spalted Bradford Pear vase. Elegantly shaped to enhance and preserve the spalting effect on this piece which resembles its name as BUTTERFLY. landed on a flower in resting mode. The grain pattern chosen in lengthwise orientation to display the beauty hidden in the wood.
  • Material: all wood
  • Wood Spices: Pyrus calleryana, the Callery pear
  • Dimension: ≈ 2~3/4" Widest point x 1 ~3/8 " top x 7~ 1/2 T"
  • Finish: Gloss Polyurethane
  • Suggested use: As a stand alone vase or small dry flowers can be used in it being careful to evenly distributing the weight. Note: Not a food safe article
  • Care instruction: See care page

My butterfly (spalted Bradford Pear) ✔️ 4-4-17


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